Event Recap: Yoga&Chill in New York

Yoga&Chill in NYC | Tennyson-Aldane Brown

On July 25th, UNDO-Ordinary X 5thmindyoga curated a yoga class at ATYPE in New York. ATYPE is a space for creatives to come through and do what they do best: create. You walk in and there’s an open work space, a DJ booth in the corner, and a chill section in the back with furniture and a TV. Upstairs, you can design and print T Shirts, while downstairs you have a photo studio.

The Yoga Class

The yoga session was not your typical yoga. Not only was the space unique, but also the curation of fitness through the event. As 5thmind was instructing the flow to the yogis, WavyBaby was on the one’s and two’s DJ-ing hip-hop classics to current RnB sounds. In the back of the room, Eda Midori of LadyFancyNails was giving ladies manicures. Eda’s exquisite nail art aims to bring healing to women by promoting self-love through looking fly. It was all love in the room.

The class began with breathing and meditation, progressed into traditional sun salutation, heated up with some standing and balance poses, and winded down stretches and shavasana (the final pose of yoga, where you lay down and rest). The class aimed to encourage self-love and wellness not only through sequencing of the practice but also the music and nail-art that all promoted claiming your own cool.

Yoga&Chill in New York is a place for anyone –beginners to gurus– to come through and practice wellness. Join us on August 8th for the next one. RSVP HERE!

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Photos by Tennyson-Aldane Brown | IG: @tenapix

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