The summer is here and the Danish running apparel brand DOXA is launching their new Summer 2017 collection. DOXA is still all about running and the new collection is absolutely for the runner that won’t compromise with either the quality nor the design.

The Summer 2017 collection is filled with prints with attitude, high functional fabrics and lots of speed. The “Metal Health Club” print is the closest you get to a social running club with DOXAs name attached. This print gives the customers the opportunity to be a part of the running community when buying the selected products.

Camouflage is represented in a very understated way; the jacquard woven fabric gives the dark blue an extra dimension and lets your mind wander off to the Navy uniforms. For the fastest runners, DOXA is, of course, providing them with the best racing kit- split shorts and sleeveless running tank tops.

Ever since the beginning of DOXA, we have been working close together with the Swedish NGO “Global Relations” who are the founders of The Kenswed Academy in Nairobi – Kenya. Every year 200 students are given a paid education; this is their way out of poverty. Among the school students, you will find international running talents and these students are DOXAs ambassadors and they wear DOXA during their daily running sessions in Ngong Hills. One of the ambassadors, Joseph Waweru, from The Kenswed Academy is currently one of the fastest in his age group in Kenya and he is qualified to be attending the Youth World Championship this summer.

The buyers of DOXA are part of something bigger- not only are they buying a new running product, they help provide improved living conditions and future opportunities for young athletic talents in Nairobi, Kenya.

Support DOXA – support the talents of the future


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