The release of Denvre’s new single “Day to Day” is an intriguing follow up from her debut single “Wait it Out.” Co-written and produced by Simon Oscroft, the track carries the endearing simplicity of minimal beats and layered vocals known and appreciated in her last single, with an authentic topic of her mental state lyrically exposed.

Day to Day with Denvre

The song carries a personal message from Denvre reflecting the realities of self doubt and the temptation to sleep as a coping mechanism to make it thru pressures or dissatisfaction of the day to day. But her resilience presents a tension, and does not leave her defeated. She goes from the thoughts expressed in the verse “You’re not where you want to be, go back to bed lay down your head” followed up by the chorus “Get up lets go, drown the lies that keep you down.” The idea that there is sort of two different mind sets and people in one person is reflected even in the imagery of the album art with Denvre and her shadow. The song itself has been therapeutic for Denvre to acknowledge and combat her thoughts with action and hope.

Denvre’s desire is that others could also be encouraged to keep going in the midst of their own personal battles.

She’s off to a solid start as an independent indie artist, and is stoked to release more of her music.

Listen privately to the track ‘Day to Day’ here.

Photographer: Lauren Tepfer
Album art Graphics by: Chelsea Hernandez


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