UNDO RADIO: Ep 3 – Creating your moments with Nick Onken


“Until we choose to take responsibility for creating the world that we want, we will never live the life that we want. “

-Nick Onken

This episode of #UNDORADIO features photographer and philanthropist Nick Onken on how he creates remarkable moments out of any moment. Onken is a longtime contributor to UNDO Magazine and a friend of the brand who has helped to grow and champion our community. Moderated by UNDO power players Nai Vasha and Sophia Chang, this episode really digs into the value of relationships and how easy it is to take action in order to create change.  Recorded at Canal Street Market, thanks to our friends at Listening Party, UNDO Radio is here to give more context to our contributors, provide greater takeaways for better living, and continue to serve as a valuable resource of wellness information for our audience.

Until we choose to take responsibility for creating the world that we want, we will never live the life that we want.


On this episode we discuss:

Creating Your Moments and Creating the World You Want [3:25]
Shooting Pro Sports Players for Nike [7:00]
Personal Growth and Development through Business Highs and Lows [9:25]
Flying Helicopters in Jungles with Justin Bieber [10:48]
Pencils of Promise: Building Schools in Ghana [13:00]
Improving Sleep with the ChiliPad [19:38]
Social Media on your Mental Health & Productivity [21:33]
Building Productive Systems and Hiring the Right Team [25:40]
Nick’s Favorite Vegetable Recipe [31:25]
Cycling through New York City [32:40]
Nick’s Three Essentials [33:38]
Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza [35:52]
Morning Meditation: Vedic/Mantra Meditation [37:38]
Paving the Way by Being You [39:42]

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Find out more on Nick Onken here and his contributions to UNDO mag at the link.


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