Every now and then, indulging in some sweet delights is warranted to maximize your energy and start your day on the right foot. It’s easy to go into the fridge and grab some high fructose corn syrup mixture people call juice but if you want to live a bit longer than others, you may want to watch what type of sweets your heart clings on to. Looking at the sugar contents on a Nutrition Facts label in the back of products doesn’t necessarily narrate the true story about said product. It takes a level of investigation to differentiate the pleasures your body can benefit from and the same goes for juices and drinks around the world. Lucky for you, a brand like this already exists and their name is Suja.

Suja Juice, a juicing company that calls San Diego home, specializes in making a multitude of healthy, energizing drinks. Their product line includes three pressed juice lines, Probiotic Waters, and Drinking Vinegars. They also provide 1, 3 or 5-day programs for you to reset your body and position to a healthier lifestyle, including drinks from their main product lines. The amount of variety that you get from Suja Juice is alluring so I will let you marvel at their genius here. You can pick up one of their drinks at your local Whole Foods, Publix, ACME, or Target.

A true delight indeed: Green Delight

Suja has a fascinating way of making their products. They use Cold Pressure, also known as High Pressure Processing (HPP), to extend the shelf life of their products and to ensure that all of the essential vitamins, minerals, and enzymes are retained during production. The process also eliminates harmful bacteria.

Because the natural fruit and vegetable contents are preserved with the Cold Pressure procedure, natural sugar is high in most of the Suja and Classic options. Suja doesn’t necessarily recommend most of their juices for those who are diabetic but they do offer quite a few low-sugar options through the Drinking Vinegar and Probiotic Water lines. Today, let us bypass those lines and feel the surge of natural sugars penetrating your body. Catching a 2 for $5 deal at my local ACME was sweet (pun intended). I grabbed the Green Delight, which contains apple, banana, mango, lemon, and more, as well as Berry Goodness, which contains apple, banana, blueberry, strawberry, orange, and more.

I loved Green Delight. The kale and mango dominate the taste without oversaturation. Green veggies like spinach, barley grass, and alfalfa grass balance the 40g of sugar found in this 12 fl oz. bottle. With so much packed into the drink, it was a great pre-workout boost before playing basketball in the cold weather. It’s hard not to compliment just how refreshing the juice actually was. It hit the right spots and started my day right.

The same could be said for Berry Goodness. The blueberry and blackberry flavor was distinct in the taste. Apple really hid in the shadows but I suppose it acts as a mediator amongst other ingredients like orange and lemon. Personally, I enjoyed this drink more than the Green Delight and it also contains 10g less sugar than Green Delight. Not to say you should be indulging in so much sugar per day but if you have the will to exercise the natural sugar and turn it into some useful glucose, more power to you.

The winner in my book: Berry Goodness

Don’t be intimidated by the natural sugar. As I said before, Suja offers great Probiotic Water and Drinking Vinegar for those who want to dial down on the sugar and cleanse their body. That’s what makes Suja amazing. It’s hard for you not to find what you may enjoy from their products.

Follow Suja on Instagram @lovesuja and Twitter @sujajuice.


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