Come Talk To We In NYC UNDO started “Come Talk to We” in 2016 emphasizing creative strength and pushing the threshold.

Our focus is to lead our community to talk honestly amongst each other. An open forum where opinions can be heard, rather than shared or posted on social media. We’ve had a lot of support from our community with increasing growth in attendees and recently held our event at Tictail in NYC.

how to order prednisone Come Talk to We

What do you need?

Last week we gathered for a community conversation, topics ranged from discussions about topics from UNDO Magazine to being open to asking for what you need.

We focused on UNDO’s latest issue, “Addictions, Prescriptions and Supplements” and shared our own experiences and found comfort in talking through coping with our own “addictions.” We also chimed in on methods of rest, sleep and recovery.

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