CHERRY by MC Barao

Born in the Philippine Islands and raised in Houston, Texas, MC Barao moved to Brooklyn, New York over four years ago to establish herself as a driving force within the lifestyle community through her creative expertise in creative production and sportswear sphere. For her latest lifestyle production piece, Barao serves as a producer and choreographer for CHERRY, a conceptual workout video project that harmonizes style and sound with 13 highlighted workouts.

UNDO caught up with MC to dive a bit deeper into the meaning behind CHERRY and why today’s world’s in need of it.

CHERRY The Workout from MC BARAO on Vimeo.

What is the CHERRY video all about?
It’s a conceptual workout video. I wanted to do style and sound. I feel like I had something special to share in regards to making something look a specific way and really harmonizing that with the music that I love. I don’t know about you but when I work out, I have to have music on. I have a preference in what I like to hear. I wanted to create something that I could share that puts style, sound, and exercise moves right in the front, where you could feel it and it makes you watch it again.

I’m always attracted to when people say, “Wait, let me see it again, let me see it again!” If I can get you excited about moving or make you inspired to think about sportswear in a positive way, then it’s doing its job. I like that it’s weird. I like that it’s strange. I have an affinity for weird and strange.

Why is the art of fitness and meshing it with videography important to you?
For someone who is visual, videography just happens to be an organic thing for me to do. Because fitness involves movement, I steered towards creating a video. Everyone has a different way of presenting how they love fitness but there is already enough people telling you how to do the same moves. I wanted to bring a fresh presentation to these basic, fundamental moves to make them interesting. Because of so many artistic components to the video, I feel like it can speak to not only fitness junkies but creatives as well.

Cherry by MC Barao

What does UNDO symbolize for you?
Undoing the norm. UNDO really portrays what’s real in fitness. The food. The community. Having talks and discussions about wellness and fitness. Making a creative space to move fitness forward. It’s how UNDO undoes the norm! It’s just not average.

You can catch with more of MC’s lifestyle on her Instagram @mcbarao.


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