Cherry Blossom BTG:DC 2017

The annual cherry blossom 10-miler was one of the chosen races for Bridge The Gap events this year. With, of course, the host being the group holding the run game down in DC, District Running Collective (DRC). DRC put together an impressive jammed packed week long itinerary, from museum tours, shake out runs, Sunday brunch, and parties, of to keep the run visitors busy and entertained.  DRC seemed to have a goal of doing this week(end) big, showing us all how DC does it, and they surely did.

I arrived at Big Chief for the weekend kickoff party ready to see old faces and meet new ones. A swag bag in one hand, drink ticket in the other, the vibe was energetic and ready (for whatever the weekend had to offer). I Embraced friends I hadn’t seen in years, while we all kept an eye out for the food to be served. For me this weekend wasn’t about running because I definitely wouldn’t be; it was about re-connecting, support, and being around people who love to run but know how to have fun doing it. Basically doing it how the BTG family has been doing it since I started 7 years ago- when the family was a lot smaller.

Good music blaring in the air, fresh sneakers pounding the floors, you realize, every race is important to all these folks, but so is living it all the way up. It’s not just about race day for this group, it’s about all the days before and after too. drinks, singing, photo booth-in, the night was getting late as some people started to trickle out to ready themselves for the next days run.

Sunday we cheered and celebrated the runners as the passed; the only massive cheer-dem-crew out there with all the stops. The afternoon set in as we all headed to brunch, sun out in full force we celebrated more, rooftops and unlimited mimosas to add a bit more flavor, and a turnt up party that night to top off the weekend festivities.

I was only around for Saturday and Sundays festivities, but it felt like a whole week full of fun.

** I will say, its always these events, races and people that take me back to when I started running. I’ve been out the loop for some time, but I know, if Bridgerunners never landed in my lap, most of my life would be different; I would be surrounded by completely different people and having totally different experiences. In fact, I wouldn’t even be writing this story or know anything about an Undo-Ordinary. So, regardless of how far away I get from it or not, we are all lucky that running not only brings us medals and milestones but experiences, friends, relationships and so much more. As the batton gets passed along and more people come along for the ride take full advantage in what the journey brings. So run and party on till the next BTG. Kudos DRC, you did very well!

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