[dropcap size=big]T[/dropcap]raveling evokes a sense of transcendence. Everyday tasks are put on hold upon stepping on to a train, cell phones reduced to mp3 players. Looking out the window, where does the mind wander? When in a plane, looking down, what can be seen? When forced to occupy space in a different way, how does this change thought patterns? A transcendence of the mind is evoked by a different sense of space and time. Cozy takes on a new meaning when in transit, and as these tastemakers will testify, style is mandatory, but comfort will elevate. Here are their observations and tips for reaching that higher transcendence on the go.


Lono Brazil III – Runner / Designer

“When I am traveling, comfort is keeping things that I like near. I am hoping that my phone works and that there’s Wi-Fi. I am pretty realistic and usually bring Japanese snacks. I always wear a t-shirt and shorts. I’m listening to chill music, anything from jazz to deep house. I’d rather songs without lyrics.”

“When I look out the window, whether it is clouds, land or ocean, I am just amazed every time. Being  a city kid looking at nature is divergent.. Seeing the earth, I’m just in awe.”

Dana Suchow – Blogger, book publisher, creator and curator of Dothehotpants

“Comfort is when I am confident in what I’m wearing. If I am not comfortable in my outfit or appearance, I am not comfortable in my skin.”

Jerome Palaz – Model

“When I look out the window I see freedom, in the middle of nowhere with nothing around. It’s sick. I think about everything my life, what I will do when I get there, who I will see.

“When I land in New York, I always crave a Dunkin Donuts ice coffee. When I land back home in Europe, it is my family’s home cooking.”

Troy Brooks – Personal Trainer

“I feel most comfortable with myself, individuality is awesome but almost extinct.”

“When I look out the window I see the amazing work of God, a perfectly created world that makes no sense, yet makes all the sense in the world. I see something so much bigger than me, that I am happy to be a part of it.”

Cedric Hernandez – Runner, creative consultant

“Kicks are priority! I always look  fresh everywhere I go. Sometimes I’m limited on what I can really bring when it comes to clothing howeverthe shoes on my feet can make any outfit fire.”

“When I look out the window I see how beautiful the sky is, and I wander off just seeing different designs in the clouds that makes me enjoy being a spectator. I love when I’m looking out and the sun is rising because that’s when the sun resembles pure art.”


Ashley Bone  – Stylist /Writer

Travel necessities: “Sweatpants, sneakers, Bible, and my phone.”

“When I’m looking out the window, it  is much more than the physical sitting in the seat. I think about my destination, where I’m going and where I’m coming from. It is philosophical, every plane ride is this transcendence of my mind and body and thinking about what I’m going to do next.”

Ashley Outrageous – 5’2” giant curator of cool shit/digital trapstar

“I cannot travel without headphones, and I have to be comfortable. I’m either wearing leggings or sweatpants. I look like a rapper when I’m traveling, with my backpack, sweatpants and headphones. I like to be cozy on the go.”

“When I look out the window on a plane, I start to think things I haven’t thought about in a while. I  really like flying. I really like to see the beach at sunset. Looking you the window always takes me to a place where I can forget about what’s going on in my life, the trouble, and have a moment to myself. I can breathe in and breathe out, relax.”

Mike Press – Model / Maker of awesome IG videos

“When I travel I’m listening to alternative R&B. Artists like The Weeknd, Banks, PARTYNEXTDOOR, SBTRKT.”

“When I look out the window, I find peace within myself. The beautiful setting soothes everything I think about. The sky the most peaceful place in the world.”

Sean Henry Lee – Graphic Designer, Creative Director, Runner

“Comfort is something loose, something easy. Shoes that are simple to put on and take off. Always something effortless. I will layer up so I can easily dress and undress.”

“First thing I crave after a long day of traveling is a shower.”


Naomi Otsu – Graphic Designer, Illustrator

Travel essentials: “Sweatpants, a good book and a trashy magazine.”

“I am super aware of turbulence and I love it. It is that same feeling as being on a roller coaster. I am always excited when we hit turbulence and secretly enjoy it. I like the thrill.”

Alan Jou – Start-up consultant

“When I travel I think about freedom and nature. The beauty of nature, all that empty space.”

“Comfort is being able to relax and not feeling like you have a lack of space. Space is most prevalent. Being cramped is uncomfortable; loose and spacious.”

Just Dimy – DJ

“I’m most comfortable when I’m around music, it can be live shows, DJing, studio sessions, anything.”

“I can’t travel without my headphones, candy and my laptop.”


Photographer: Eric Hercules // Stylist: Nai Vasha & Brian St. Hilaire



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