Your Budget Looks Hungry


On a budget and thinking that the dollar menu is the move when you are hungry? Think again. Maybe your habit is pulling up to whatever has the shortest line or the most pungent aroma. But something about the smell of Subway bread just doesn’t sit right. Your budget looks hungry. Like you need a real meal. 

Real food is expensive. The experience of going to Whole Foods is similar to going to Target; you’re going to spend a pretty penny. So you’re thinking: Food is food, right? Wrong. The items that have been prepared for the masses are made from plastic, chemicals, and ingredients we would never order off of a menu in their pure form.

Non-perishable foods have been given a bad wrap as of late.

As supply and demand has grown, our need for non-perishable items has changed. Grocery stores are stacked with cans and bottles of food with expiration dates that are longer than the growing season. Famine is now a fleeting issue while food waste, ironically, has assumed its position.

Just because it’s cheap, doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Just because it’s labeled as food, doesn’t mean that it’s true.

Pizza: joe’s pizza

Donuts: california donuts

Burgers: jack in the box

Photos: Nai Vasha 

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