When you’re on a budget, you can’t be picky about the beauty of food. That’s some low-level sick human vanity nonsense.

Note to the wise, stop throwing away ugly food. Google what mold looks like and prepare yourself for fruit flies. Whatever you do, don’t just throw something away because it’s ugly.

According to the USDA, America’s food waste is estimated at between 30-40 percent of the food supply. That’s like throwing away the fries in the combo. Everytime. And the wasted food just goes into landfills, which turns into methane and aids in global warming. Even if climate change information has a gag order on the Internet, you can still connect the dots to research and expose the news on paper. We are the cause of our own destruction. Think of the avocado. It’s like a cute dinosaur egg when unripe, and you have to wait until it gets dark and wrinkly to get the meat out. Humans are so consumed with perfection that some of nature’s greatest gifts go bad because we don’t appreciate the aging process.

Be Useful

Instead of throwing out old fruit when it starts to evolve, consider making sauces and dressings instead. Bruised apples are easier to blend and hold less water, making them a perfect sweet thickener to any bland dish. Mix with raisins, curry seasoning diced pears, and black pepper for a savory chutney. Want to add flavor to your overnight oats? Add applesauce and cinnamon.

Budget Hungry | Nai Vasha

Tomatoes are also versatile at any stage. When ripe, they are perfect for salads and sandwiches. Take a bite out of an organic heirloom tomato with sea salt and black pepper, and taste the depth of flavor of real vegetables. When overripe, throw in the blender for pasta, pizza, and dipping sauce. Even leafy greens can be mixed with quinoa, ground down, and frozen for vegetable patties.

Keep peaches in a brown paper bag until ripe. You will know when they are ready if you give them a kiss and they are soft like lips. When the skin starts to peel back easily, dice up the peaches and make a fruit compote for breakfast. Make jam if your skills allow it. Just don’t throw them in the trash because your timing sucks. The riper the berry, the sweeter the juice. Eat smart. Budget Hungry.

Budget Hungry | Nai Vasha

Original UNDO Mag 6ix title: Budget Hungry
Written by Nai Vasha
Photography by Nai Vasha


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