I’m cheap.

I’m cheap and extremely active so all the little bit of money that I make goes to my belly. The older I get the wiser I get and I realized that ALL my money can’t go into my belly. Belly being part of a well nourished body is one thing but then there are just those extra luxuries that my taste buds crave and my wallet could live without. I started using the hashtag #budgethungry a few years back when my plant-based meals helped to change my relationship with things as a whole. I started to study food and try new ways of fueling my body. All while being a creative and figuring it all out in the most expensive city in America.

Budget Hungry is a way to think about food.

A way to savor flavor, favor, and accessibility.

A way to live within means while exploring new things.

Here are a list of snacks that I made this week for under $20.
budget hungry undo ordinary1. Starfruit – Cut fresh, eaten like a child. 
budget hungry undo ordinary

2. Shredded kale salad – Add lemon juice and salt & pepper. Easy.

budget hungry undo ordinary

3. Frozen grapes – Hot tub favorite. budget hungry undo ordinary

4. Pear – As many as you can manage.



5. Grade-school celery with a twist. Get the recipe at Budget Hungry

budget hungry undo ordinary

6. Sumo Orange – Just large enough to hit the spot.


Find at more from #budgethungry on instagram and the site.

Ciao for now.


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