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What is Activated Charcoal and what are its benefits?

Activated charcoal is fast becoming a star in the natural health and beauty industry. It can be used for facemasks, shampoo, homemade soap recipes, acne reduction, psoriasis, blackheads, as well as used in homemade eyeshadow or mascaras, body scrubs, and facial cleansers.

Activated Charcoal works by binding to chemicals through adsorption, which is why it works so well removing impurities, leaving you with glowing skin and white teeth. Charcoal’s ability to adsorb compounds is what makes it so effective across such a wide variety of applications. It’s important we differentiate between absorb and adsorb. Adsorption is “The process by which molecules of a substance, such as a gas or a liquid, collect on the surface of another substance. Our body absorbs nutrients – it takes them in. Activated charcoal adsorbs certain poison, chemicals, and even some nutrients – it binds to the substance.

Where does Activated Charcoal come from?

Activated charcoal has been used since 3750 BC. It’s only been the past few years that it’s become a product that is widely recognized for all of its amazing health benefits.

Typically, coconut activated charcoal has the largest surface area and is the most effective. However, all coconut activated charcoal comes from South East Asia, so we carry hardwood activated charcoal for our customers who want an American product. Charcoal can also be produced from sawdust, peat and bamboo.  In addition to different materials, you can find charcoal tablets or pellets— both of which aren’t typically used for ingestion.

Remember, when you’re looking to buy activated charcoal for beauty, oral health or internal ingestion, you want to purchase food grade activated charcoal powder.

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You can also read up on Activated Charcoal here.
Text source: Gold Mountain Beauty


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