A fresh way to take care of your sneakers

The world of sneaker care has been under a monopoly for nearly a decade now. With a brand following that has grown every year since their inception in 2008, Jason Markk has been the go-to product for sneakerheads seeking care and quality. However, as the community grows and the sneaker craze flourishes every year, the need for sneaker care increases. One company is throwing their hat in the ring to give consumers new options when it comes to their kicks.

Income sōlscience. The company was founded with sneaker marketplaces and frequenters of stores like Flight Club and Stadium Goods in mind. With a team of both sneakerheads and chemists, they are seeking to cure what they refer to as “sneaker funk.” Every person who owns shoes, whether they call themselves a sneakerhead or not, has probably experienced it: that weird, funky smell you get when your shoes have been worn just a few times. sōlscience’s principal product is a fragrance with the sole purpose of curing anybody suffering from a case of sneaker funk.

The ANTIDŌT is the fragrance crafted exactly for your shoes offered in several scents. Offered for $15 on their website, they offer Astro Punch, a blend of fruity aromas; Cool Watermelon, which resembles a candy-like watermelon fragrance; and Future Fresh, a scent which is supposed to “embody the utmost essence of fresh.” The people over at sōlscience sent us a package of their newest work, a fragrance appropriately called Tropicali, a collaboration with the Vans sneaker community UnderThePalms.

According to their website, the ANTIDŌT Tropicali is supposed to represent the California lifestyle– or as they put it, “straight West Coastin’ with the Southern California vibes.” From just smelling the bottle, everyone on the team who smelled it imagined a wild variety of scents from mango rum to vanilla to old bubble bath. The verdict was it smelled good. To test it, I tried them out on two of the most beat-up pairs of shoes I own: a pair of Old Skools and a pair of Flyknit Racers.

While the ANTIDŌT bottle itself has simple instructions, sōlscience’s website provides a more detailed step-by-step breakdown. First, you have to shake the bottle to activate the fragrance. Then, one should spray the fragrance by holding their shoe upside down and spraying towards the inner toe box. It should take 2-3 sprays on the inside with 1-2 sprays inside the heel area for maximum coverage but make sure not to oversaturate. Then, after letting your shoes air dry for 5-7 minutes, your sneaker funk should be cured.

Now, both of my pairs are mad worn out. I’ve owned these for several years now and I wear them everywhere, including to the coffee shop that I work at, and it has a few battle scars including a nice hole on the outside of the left shoe. While my Racers aren’t as beat up, I’ve worn them enough that the white has turned to a cool gray, similar to the one already on the shoe, and have used them to work out a few times. After a single coating, my Racers were smelling better than they looked. I was doubtful of how effective the ANTIDŌT could be but I was impressed that one coating was enough to help cure my sneaker of its funk. My Old Skools were much more uncooperative; they required an extra coat to help get rid of the smell that lived inside but I was pleasantly surprised to have my shoes smelling fresh and new. Despite all the miles walked, food and drink spilled, and trash bags crushed in those shoes, it was nothing a few sprays of Tropicali couldn’t fix.

The sneaker community will be glad to have a new face like sōlscience getting involved. Frequent buyers of used sneakers should definitely take the time to try out the ANTIDŌT on both their own pairs and those they grab from others. Even those who do not consider themselves enthusiasts should consider trying it out to breathe new life into their own shoe collection. On their “About” page, sōlscience state that their mission is to “[reshape] how people care for their shoes.” The ANTIDŌT is a great first step towards doing just that.

Buy the ANTIDŌT at sōlscience’s online store. Use promo code “UNDO20” to get 20% off your entire order!

Photo by Audryana Cruz.


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