An Epic Vitality Experience with Joyce Rockwood

What is Epic Vitality?

Epic Vitality was designed by Joyce Rockwood’s passion for supporting people in a dynamic transformation through olfactory, neurological, and sonic applications.

This one-day multi-sensory event will teach the importance of mind and body detoxification in tandem with a plant-based vegan lifestyle as your missing link to mind body mastery.

“What we are seeing in the world now more than ever is a deep desire to reclaim our health and vitality through a plant-based/vegan diet and other highly effective and innovative measures.”  


  • Understand the science behind the microbiome: Learn how gut bacteria manages brain function and behavior
  • Learn how to use detoxification as a tool to decrease anxiety, mood swings, and exhaustion
  • Receive easy-to-follow dietary practices that address the root of digestive disorders and support brain health
  • Learn how to implement a transitional plant-based/vegan diet to support detoxification
  • Understand the science behind the scent of CPTG Essential Oils: Learn how to use plant-medicine to up-level your detoxification and support a neurological quantum leap with your behavior and thought
  • Meet Celebrity Chef and Wellness Expert Jason Wrobel and learn his keys to feeding positive emotions, breaking through your self-imposed blocks and cultivating more courage and confidence in your life, plus a live Q&A
  • Enjoy a Live Performance By World-Renowned Musicians Brothers Koren (Interscope/Universal, Coldplay, Rod Stewart, Pink) and participate in a transformational musical workshop activating your full creative spectrum through exploration, discovery, and connection with your radical self through song.
  • Enjoy a nutritious and palate-pleasing cold-pressed juice, smoothie, and plant-based/vegan fare


  • You are plant-based/vegan or leaning in that direction
  • You want to overcome your current health obstacles and learn how to best implement a plant-based/vegan diet to activate disease-preventing genes, and experience next-level energy, stamina, and mind-set
  • You desire a broader range of nourishing modalities – beyond food – to develop deeper emotional connections, increase positive neurological responses, and cultivate more dynamic transformational relationships and experiences throughout your life.

Have Q’s about how EPIC VITALITY can be a perfect fit for you?
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