When everyone thinks about workout apparel, they imagine a bunch of dri-fit fabric clothes. Shirts that keep you cool, and in most cases they are quick to dry. But one question that isn’t really answered is how long can you really wear that one workout shirt until you start to be the taboo subject of everyone’s noses in the gym? When I started to get back into working out I grabbed just one workout shirt and it was my go-to, but after a few days without washing it, I knew that this couldn’t be a good look. The days of washing my workout gear every two days, or sometimes daily came around, and it was just something I felt like was the norm.

But does it have to be like this? Could there be a solution other than becoming someone that no longer wears anything other than workout clothes on the daily?

Aevok Apparel decided to answer this question for the masses, creating a full collection of savvy pieces that were not only stylish but met all the most important aspects of work out gear. I was so ready to put these items to the test.

As I was told, the running shirts I was given to try out were not only meant for everyday use, but they could be reused without washing for days on end with no smell. This was the biggest game changer for me, the days of quarters being used to keep me from being smelly were finally over.

I started the first day at the gym, a simple hour of cardio in the spin room, and after that, another hour of weightlifting. I’m sure as you’re reading this you can only imagine that I came out this session looking like I swam back to the office. As I was told to do so, I kept the shirt on for the day and began my regular schedule. The next day I stepped it up with a hike outdoors, at high noon, when it would be the hottest, a workout shirt’s worst nightmare. With the outside elements against me, I trekked on throughout the day and constantly asked my peers to smell me, as if that wasn’t awkward enough, I found myself also asking how I looked in the shirt. Clearly these two questions were welcomed by raised eyebrows, but happily, I was told that there was no smell and that I looked the same as the last day….

So does the shirt work? Absolutely! I went through a five-day cycle of using the shirt working out and using it as a normal shirt and no odor could stand a chance! If the mundane shirts in your closet you use for working out are starting to bug you, I recommend looking into Aevok to change your life indefinitely.

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