A Marriage Made in the Streets

A Marriage Made In The Streets

http://sundialdesign.com/the-finest-in-deposition-services/ I’ve recently come to realize that running is my soulmate. It brings out the best in me and makes me a better person.

buy accutane online uk Hitting the streets offers me so much more than the unequivocal health benefits of staying fit and healthy. Running brings me clarity. It allows me to clear my mind and forget my troubles for a while. Studies show that running is not only good for your body but good for your brain. Exercise is one of the most effective ways to improve your mental health.

source site Running forces me to be in the moment, in my body, to focus on my breathing and my stride. It helps me connect and tune into myself.  It makes me feel free, happy, calm, and invincible. It arouses my senses.

Running is my art, my way of expressing myself and re-inventing myself. It has played a vital role in my journey of developing a true appreciation of my body and all that it can do. It empowers me.

Over the years so much has changed in my life. I’ve lost touch with friends, broke up with boyfriends, left jobs, and faced heartache and disappointments. Through it all, running has always been there for me. It has been my constant. It offered me comfort and an escape when I needed it.

Running represents something so special to me. It’s more than a form of exercise. It’s a part of me.

I fell in love with running many years ago. We were college sweethearts. We’ve had our ups and downs, but mostly ups. I’ve been fortunate to have not suffered through many injuries in my life. A fractured foot a couple of years ago was devastating and forced us to have to take a break. We’ve since been reunited and our bond is stronger than ever. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

Running can make the best partner. Just like any relationship, you need to be willing to work at it, to nurture it, to grow and learn from it. Committing to it is just as fulfilling as sharing your life with your best friend. Read on and decide for yourself. If you’re already involved with running, you’ll most likely agree, and if you have yet to be seduced, I hope to tempt you.

Running could be your type.

  1. Running conditions you to listen to your body and trust in its abilities and strength. This connection takes patience, dedication and, at times, hard lessons. All relationships have a history.
  2. Running presents the opportunity to choose to be present and grateful for each moment. Focusing on the rhythm of your breathing seems to make everything else fade into the background. It’s a type of meditation.
  3. Running brings a sense of bliss and euphoria that can only be achieved through sweat and miles.
  4. Running has the possibility of becoming your sanctuary. It has the power to transform into a shield against your doubts and fears if you open yourself to it. Vulnerability is sexy.
  5. Running offers a creative and fun way to explore a city, whether it’s familiar or brand new. Each date is a chance to lace up and head out on a new adventure.

Bonus: no meddling mother-in-law.


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