In a town where wellness is the word, new Angelino and chef, Lynnette Astaire navigates the weird world of working out in LA and shares what she eats to fuel her journey.

I couldn’t laugh for days after this class.

In fact, there wasn’t a damn thing funny for the rest of the week. It’s not that I never worked my body out, it’s that I never work my body out in this way. With a machine that looks like something from 50 Shades of Grey or Hannibal, “the Megaformer attacks each and every muscle in a very concentrated and focused manner.”

Attack indeed.

When UNDO offered a free class with The Studio MDR, I’d never even heard of the megaformer, let alone knew what it looked like. Although I automatically chalked it up as another fitness fad, I couldn’t help but look at the majority of the bodies that were coming out of the class before ours.

The class consisted of mostly women who either served as an excellent example of what the classes offered or looked well on their way. In fact, our teacher for the day had an over 100lb body transformation due to the Lagree Method.

Although I was told that this was more of a demo class than the real thing, I felt the burn nonetheless. Once I got the hang of the machine, I must admit all of the moves were graceful, despite being difficult at times. I got a few compliments from the teachers so that was a bonus. Since I mostly work out from home, I’m low on accountability and do things like end the workout early if my mom calls.

My best advice? If you’re just starting off a workout routine, I wouldn’t suggest this. In a way it’s good to “train” to train, meaning that you work on your own endurance at home at your own pace with a routine so that when you do this class you have the extra manpower to get the most of it.

At $35 per class, the megaformer isn’t mega cheap but if you are looking for impressive results, this is the place. Plus, it’s not a place you have to come to (or should come to) every day so perhaps this can be something that you incorporate into your other workout routine.


The Lagree Fitness workout is a total-body program that melds together elements of Pilates, cardio training, and weight-bearing activity to create a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind exercise program.

The workout is done on state-of-the-art Megaformers, which provide constant resistance and infinitely more exercise options than a traditional reformer. The machine allows the body to shift quickly and smoothly from one exercise to another while increasing the heart rate and getting the blood pumping. The Megaformer attacks each and every muscle in a concentrated and focused manner to sculpt strong, powerful and lean bodies in a safe and measured way.

Who it’s for:

Those who need the extra push to truly sculpt abs

Who it’s not for:

Those who need the extra push to truly sculpt abs.

What I ate:

Post workout, I grabbed a few of the event – sponsored protein bars but also brought a dish for the instructors to try. My Asian sesame noodles were a hit! Get the recipe here and learn more about my plant-based online cooking school here.

About Lynnette Astaire:

Lynnette Astaire is a chef with 15 years of plant-based cooking experience and 10 years of fasting experience who healed her chronic disease through diet. She is the founder of Superfood School, a plant-based meal prep program that helps everyday eaters to get more plants on their plates, easily and deliciously.


Illustration by Chrissy Curtin


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