A Foodie In Fitness - Infrared Yoga

In a town where wellness is the word, new Angelino and chef Lynnette Astaire navigates the weird world of working out in LA and shares what she eats to fuel her journey.

Welcome to (another) future of fitness.


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In fact, infrared yoga is so in the future that not many people know about it so I got the chance to not only try it out for free – but to also have the teacher all-to-me. It also happened to be a hot and sunny Monday morning in Hollywood, (which is not really the best time for a hot yoga session).

I didn’t care because I love saunas. A lot.

From the Mesoamerican Temazcal sweat lodge to the classic Korean bath house, I’ll take it. I prefer the saunas dry heat over steam rooms (which are too humid for me) however I truly believe they both excellent detox tools, since the skin is the largest organ of the human body.

Pores are perfect for purging.

These days infrared saunas are popping up more and more. The Sweatheory brand believes that traditional saunas use high heat and humidity to warm the air, but infrared uses light and radiant heat, which warms the body (instead of the air), and can do so at lower temperatures, which allows you to sweat more.

Couple these good vibrations with yoga and you’ve got a new fitness movement. Something like infrared yoga is exactly what I had in mind when I came up with the idea of this blog series. Who knew that I would be at the very beginning of it?

It’s worth noting that this new fitness fad comes with a bit of controversy. Proponents of natural heat, in particular, traditional hot yoga competitors see a potential danger in this practice. Ironically the traditional hot yoga folks are against infrared yoga and the traditional fitness folks are against both.

As always, continue to do your research and work with what’s best for you.

Nevertheless, I am here to tell the world about infrared yoga. My class of one was led by Sam Barber, an up and coming yogi from the Philippines who’d made her new home in LA.

We connected on Instagram a few weeks prior and when I saw that she was teaching a new infrared yoga class at sweat theory, I made the Monday morning trek to Hollywood.

I was already a fan of Sweatheory and their infrared facilities from my effective flu busting sessions from the winter. I loved the individual saunas and showers as well as the cafe they shared the space with.

The class flowed beautifully with Sam tailoring the class to my yoga expertise which is not a master in any sense although she was impressed with my plow pose – and I was impressed with the class, I’m looking forward to incorporating this into my fitness plan.

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“Infrared Saunas, on the other hand, don’t use the energy wasting methods of Steam, or Wood burning. Instead, an Infrared Sauna uses the heat and light on the Infrared Spectrum to heat up the core of your body directly. Our Saunas are set at a constant 140 degrees Fahrenheit. However, due to the science behind the Infrared Sauna, the heat penetrates your core directly and raises your core temperature much quicker than a regular Sauna, while projecting a much lower temperature. This allows you to stay in our Saunas for up to a full hour.”

Who it’s for:

Those looking to get out of a yoga rut and want to mix it up (and sweat it out).

Who it’s not for:

Busy folks who want to keep their yoga sessions on the dry side.

What I ate:

One of the best things about this spot is the cafe that they share the space with. I treated myself to a chocolate and almond butter candy and headed home to eat leftover Coconut Curry Kale salad that I also shared with Sam. Get the recipe here.

About Lynnette Astaire:

Lynnette Astaire is a chef with 15 years of plant-based cooking experience and 10 years of fasting experience who healed her chronic disease through diet. She is the founder of Superfood School, a plant-based meal prep program that helps everyday eaters to get more plants on their plates, easily and deliciously.


Illustration by Chrissy Curtin


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