7 Things to Consider When Buying Activewear

There are some things to consider before buying activewear.

Plenty of brands make activewear but only a few have mastered the science of performance. That special place is where human research and fabrication collide. Proper gear in any sport is an investment, especially those that keep you from harming yourself. Want to know why brands put reflective items throughout their stitching and detail? To keep athletes from getting hit by cars. Leggings from Santee Alley don’t focus on those detail, all they focus on is the style and the stretch. Something to consider before wasting your money on already marked up spandex and stitching.

Not sure if this information exists out there but its something that we have gathered from experience.

Here are 7 things to consider before buying activewear.

1. Sports Bras

So many cute little triangles, strappy things happening right now but absolutely no support. Brands should really start classifying their product by the activity or impact. Label “yoga” or “pilates” on the cute dye-cut band-aid things. For running, jumping, moving fast or even carrying some heavy things, invest in something that compresses the titty meat to tight to the frame. Not too tight, but tight enough to save you from major back pain. Especially you girls over a 32 B.


2. Sweats

“Sweat” anything, is to be used to help regulate the body temperature pre or post workout. No need to workout every day in these items unless it’s chilly and all you could find is your Stanford crewneck. Unless you are a boxer and it’s 1987, there is no need to be working out in sweats. Show up cute to the gym but take off that thick and smelly heat-bearing cotton.

3. Shoes

Brands make shoes for specific sports because they have done major research and these work the best for the turf. Don’t go hiking in sock-like running shoes or do CrossFit in Jordans. Find what feels right for you. As a runner, one thing that worked for me was running outside barefoot. I got to connect to how my foot felt outside of a shoe, instead of caged and bound. Everybody is different and the most stylish item may not help you win or even finish the race.

4. Pockets

If your outerwear doesn’t have pockets, I don’t trust it. You can tell a brand that really loves you when they offer more than 3 pockets on an item. Pockets are the quintessential divider between good and incoherent performance brands. As an athlete who is training, you want to make sure you have your necessities while also being able to move without ANY interference.

5. Fabrication

Just how nutrition facts are vital for what we eat, fabrication detail is super important to how our skin reacts to what we wear. Sometimes it takes a trip to the dermatologist to figure this out, but consider how your skin feels after wearing certain items. Are you red or itchy? Did your skin chaffe or react to the friction?


6. Underwear

This is where fabrication really comes into play because your genitals are getting an intimate rub down. No cotton panties, and while we are at it, keep the lace too. If you are a runner and your shorts have little swim bottoms in them, that’s for your body with no undergarments. Nothing to ride into your ass and pinch you just when you hit your stride. It’s either the right ones or no ones, meaning invest in some workout chonies or just go commando.

7. Leggings

The next time you put leggings on, go find someone you trust, bend over and ask them if they can see your underwear (or lack there of). Then turn to the front and ask if the area between your thighs resembles the foot of a deer. If this friend tells you yes, to both questions, take those pants off immediately. Those aren’t leggings, they’re thick stockings and not suitable for performance of any kind. Pay attention to things like seams and stitching. If there is a thick, visible seam on the inside of the pant, that’s going to cut you up. If the inseam to crotch ratio seems a little off, it probably is going to make you look like a baby with a diaper or a pussycat doll. Workout in every pair of leggings you buy and take them back if they don’t serve you right. That goes for every other item on this list as well. You deserve to treat yourself.


Photo: Nai Vasha

Model: Amelian Hamilton

Wardrobe: Asics 


Asics is a proud sponsor of the Virgin Sport Festival of Fitness, happening this October in San Francisco. Sign up for the race and train with us.

TEMPO RUN: 2 mile warmup,
5-mile run at HM
pace, 1-mile cooldown



RUN: 1 mile easy,
5 miles at steady pace
(marathon pace to marathon
pace + 30 seconds
per mile), 1 mile easy


13 miles with 7 x 1:00
surges at 5K pace with
5:00 jog in between
beginning at mile 8



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