Running with people in LA has been far more challenging than I expected, especially in the morning. There are several run crews, including Koreatown run club and LA Rebels, but most of their training is at night and for me, that brings on way more pressure. I try and push out as maximum brain power during the day so mornings are when I am at my best and sharp enough to chant mantras when the body gives up. That doesn’t happen after 5 pm. I can barely formulate a sentence after 5 pm.

Solo runs can get to be a little daunting too. I have always found that I become a better runner when I have to lead others to be better. So the first challenge of getting people to sign up for the Virgin Sport half in October was the real hard part. Thankfully we have a pretty good mix of newbies and veteran runners going. I’m not worried about training with the veteran runners as the mileage gets longer and the blocks of LA get longer. It’s the newbies that I am worried about, especially getting them to their first mile. Scored big throughout the week with run reports and insta-videos but the gold came in getting Aaron Babylon out the house at 7 am. There was much poise and tactic to making it happen but in the end, he did all of the work.

Here are some of my favorite ways to get people to sweat with you in the am.

  1. Show them the AQI (especially if you live in LA)

Once they see the air quality reader after a certain hour and envision the head to couple, they suddenly begin to appreciate the dewy mornings. I get a notification sent to my phone every morning through this app.

2. Calendar invites

Rude but effective. Schedule out your training and send someone a calendar invite. Put the real pressure on them.

3. Business meetings

I don’t have the digestive system of attention span for coffee meetings. You really want to hear my truth and thought process, come run with me. I’ll give you the best I got.

4. Use the word “flaky” to mess with their ego

Another one that works really well in LA. Remind them how often they don’t keep to agendas and set the challenge.

5. Show up at their house and call them several times 

Not the smartest tactic but it works, especially if you get a half a yes the night before. So go for the halfie before you show up in full stalker mode.

Train with UNDO as we get ready for the Virgin Sport Half Marathon in October.

Want to join us out there?


Registration is open for Virgin Sport San Francisco’s new half-marathon, Twin Peaks Mile, and a weekend of fitness, October 13-15 in San Francisco.

Register for Virgin Sport SF:

Facebook: @VirginSport

Twitter: @Virgin_Sport

Instagram: @VirginSport

Official hashtag: #VirginSportSF

This weeks training

MONDAY – 3 miles + yoga
TUESDAY – core + weights
WEDNESDAY – 2 MILES + weights
THURSDAY – 5 miles
FRIDAY – core + yoga
SATURDAY – 10 miles easy

Sunday – REST


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