5 tips for running

5 Running tips when NY weather is being bipolar

Global warming is real and the weather outside has been bipolar. It was hot outside and tomorrow it’s going to be cold and all you really want to do is get a consistent groove going for your runs. The goals that you set in January need to be met by summer and Mother Nature must have not gotten the memo. The weather in New York is a major factor in mental and physical training. So much mental stress goes into preparing the perfect outfit to match the conditions; you can’t be too hot but you don’t want to be too cold. You think about skipping a day but you also don’t trust the meteorologist since he has been lying for years and you still get suckered into wearing galoshes on the hottest days of the year. If this is you, don’t fret. We have compiled 5 running tips for the moodiness of the season.

We also heard its going to be windy tomorrow and don’t want you to miss out our run with S,T Coffee.


undo ordinary 5 tips running

  1. Turn on your favorite power song.  – Whether your jam is “Eye of the Tiger” or “Power”, use music to motivate yourself before you push your limits. Its always good to get your mind in a place of victory and your body will follow.
  2. Put on a beanie and gloves– Cover yourself.  I know this seems strange but some people forget the importance of keeping your hands and head warm in cold weather.
  3. Warm up in the crib. – Stand by the heater right before you leave. Get nice and warm. Walk to the top of your five floor building and then walk outside and complete your goal.
  4. Invest in sleeves and breakaway layers. – These little add-ons personally help me reach new milestones as I slowly strip away light layers as my body warms up.
  5. Make a goal to impress yourself. – Let that be your goal for the day and everyday. Follow through.


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