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ACTIVEx is the fitness gamer’s answer to Pokémon Go. Originally founded as a company to create digital technology that powers activity,  ACTIVEx facilitates and motivates those with active lifestyles through its multi-dimensional app, which enables users to connect to a global fitness community and collect a “pack” of like-minded individuals, supporting each other to achieve similar health and fitness goals. Check out the iTunes two-minute video featuring the app here

Thousands of users have already jumped on board and ACTIVEx is slowly growing to become a popular addition to any fitness arsenal. More so, the ACTIVE Network reports that of its internal program – on which the app is based – participants who use the app are…

  • 90% better at managing stress and anxiety
  • 88% have an increase in professional motivation
  • 96%  feel a greater connection to their colleagues, family and friends

Below, we’ve listed the five top reasons why you should download this app today.

1. Your Job Is Killing You. No Really…

Ever wonder why so many people resent sitting in their cubicles all day? That’s actually your body’s biological and psychological reaction to a lack of physical activity, which is just as bad for your health as being obese or smoking, according to a study released from the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences in Norway. Considering  80% of U.S. jobs require little to no physical activity, it’s safe to say our workday is setting us up for some serious long-term health consequences … which might be why the U.S. is spending over 1.8 trillion dollars on health related issues each year. 

ACTIVEx provides solutions for individuals and companies looking to lower their risk of long-term health problems through consistent fitness regimes and a collaborative community of like-minded folks. How? Keep reading….

2.Virtual Teams That Keep You MotivatedImage of the app on an iphone 5, featuring the "My Packs" page

By now, you’ve probably heard of the techie, silicon valley buzzword, “tribes“. Tribes are virtual groups of people who share simliar interests, engage and follow the same type of content and conversations online. Through ACTIVEx, you can build your own tribe online (i.e. “packs”) to help empower you towards your goals. These all-inclusive public or private groups can train together at the same time through group centric activities, organize training events, post articles/tips, comment and celebrate each other’s successes, so you stay motivated to keep training with an inspiring team of like-minded individuals.

3.Customized Workouts For Pennies

Planning to run a marathon? Need to shed a few pounds for the big day? Spinning your way into fitness? Want a 30-Day Challenge? ACTIVEx contains individualized training features that allow you to pre-build workouts according to your goals, including tabata-based workouts, tabata-based business traveler’s 10-minute workouts and more exciting practices that keep fitness regimes  invigorating and fresh.


ACTIVExpresso is part of the dynamic newsfeed on the ACTIVEx platform that features a daily jolt of positivity as well as information to establish whole health habits for its users. Think of it as a personal trainer for your body, without the expensive costs.  ACTIVExpresso serves as a life strategist with motivational content and suggested actions to create positive changes in all areas of life.

5. KIDS in the GAME

Picture of children playing soccer on field featuring the word, "GET." ACTIVEXKIDSintheGAME

Get into shape while helping motivate the next generation. ACTIVE Network has already assisted 4,260 kids though $50 participation grants, in which a percentage of in-app purchases help fund participation in activities for underserved kids through the ACTIVE Network’s sponsorship of KIDS in the GAME.

Download ACTIVEx for iOS NOW.


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