Running rampant in the gutter NYC streets and need a nap, refresh or quick siesta? Look no further. Brands have finally caught wind of the greatest need in lives of busy New Yorkers – rest. Spots are popping up all over the city offering patrons the whole kit, kaboodle and some complimentary toiletries to boot. As a former city slicker, this was one thing that I prayed for during my years of hustling through the streets. Get into it and get well soon.

The Dreamery by Casper

The rules are simple. Sign up, come in, slide into your PJs and take a power nap. Literally that and nothing more. With only 45 mins of downtime, The Dreamery is more of ”thinkery” than a place for dreaming. I laid there and thought about how I couldn't fall asleep the whole time. I did sink into their delicously airy mattress and crisp linen which is the entire point of the pop-up. They have found a smart way to let the consumer test the product without taking it home. Packaged with complimentary PJs and finest of Sunday Riley skincare, the $20 stay at chateau Casper is totally worth the money. Just don’t go there expecting REM.

Day Use

Bruh, I came across this site searching for something else and stroke gold. Someone intelligent found a way for hotels to get the most of their real estate by creating a program for people to book during the day time only and for a way cheaper price. Yes, you read that right. I booked a $300 room for $100 at day rate. Needed it for a shoot and only for a few hours so this was the best option. Then i started thinking about all of the times when I just wanted to sleep in the city and party all night. This is the site for that!

Nap York

This list is not in ranking order cause this place seems like the one but I have no personal experience so this review is coming off hearsay. Word on the streets is that it's next level.

The Wing

So this entire listicle surfaced from a 24-hour trip to New York and a dyer search for a place to get some rest. I told my friend Seher about my crazy agenda and she insisted I get a hot shower in at The Wing. Talk about a major refresh. They had every single product and accessory necessary to make a woman feel whole. They even have a baby hair brush. Do you know the level of thought that has to go into picking and placing that? Straight genius. She showed me the siesta room where a perfectly lounged chaise sits peacefully in a warmly dit room. Note taken. Sorry fellas. This space is a membership based workspace for women only.

Central Park

No money? Go take a nap in the park. It's free and everyone does it, just pick a place close to families but far enough to get some peace. Set an alarm and throw your phone in your pocket and all your belongings on your body. It's safe (for the most part) and totally practical. Great for your overall wellness as well since New Yorkers can never get enough nature.

You deserve a break from it all.


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