Running in LA can be a trying task, especially after gaining milage in New York. As the city continues to grow and transit options become available, Downtown LA has become a mecca for the young creative entrepreneurs, like myself. This week was a full warm-up for my body as it’s been sometime since I have trained in such high temperatures. I took the focus off of time and made sure to get my distance in while allowing my body to sweat profusely. I also made a point to go somewhere different every run, for stimulation and a change of pace. Here are the top 5 picks for a solid 3+ miles through downtown.



  1. Art’s District – It’s easy to get 4+ miles through this area by just running to every end and back. The straightaway along Sante Fe allows runners the ability to set a pace and keep. Also, there is very little traffic in this area so its great to zone out.
  2. Chinatown – Running from Downtown to Chinatown will get you about 3+ miles if leaving from near the Ace Hotel and venturing deep into the residential areas off Hill St. Try to run either Spring street or Hill as there are several street vendors along Broadway and cute elderly couples who are not thinking about you or your speed.
  3. Echo Park – One of my favorite loops is from Downtown up Sunset, around the lake and back. I can usually clock 6+ miles and you get the joy of running one of the most beautiful parks in Los Angeles.
  4. Hill St – Best place for hill repeats is on Hill St, duh. It’s crazy how steep this hill is but the top of worth it as you climb into beautiful architecture including Walt Disney Concert Hall and The Broad.
  5. Elysian Park – You can achieve a strong 9+ miles of perfect terrain and obstacles by hitting Elysian Park. Try going up Broadway and turning left on Cassonova, a residential neighborhood that is right at the base of the park. From there climb to the top and see Los Angeles from every angle as you run past Dodger Stadium and finally along Sunset Blvd to finish up your long run.



Train with UNDO as we get ready for the Virgin Sport Half Marathon in October.

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This weeks training schedule:

MONDAY: INTERVALS: 2-mile warmup, 4 x 1 mile at 10K pace w/90 seconds rest, 1-mile cool down
WEDNESDAY: 3 miles
THURSDAY: HILL REPEATS: 2-mile warmup, 5 x (30 seconds uphill at hard effort, walk down rest, 75 seconds uphill at medium, effort, walk down rest), 1-mile cool down


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