3 Things I Love About Maple Holistics Tea Tree Shampoo

In a natural hair care market that is full of misleading information, Maple Holistics saves the day.

Today, the natural hair care market is flooded with products. It wasn’t always like this though as the selection was dire and hard to come by. Now, with the internet, we can access different sulfate-free organic natural hair care brands. I am a coconut oil shea butter essential oil girl with a lot of hair. My cabinets are littered with products. I was curious about Maple Holistics’ tea tree shampoo, as I usually complain that people should just obtain the main ingredient – whether the kitsch is tea tree oil, vitamin e etc. ) and go straight in. Tea tree oil isn’t something you can pour all over your head so I was excited to put this shampoo to the test as I’ve been disappointed with watered down organic brands in the past.

A Little Goes A Long Way

You don’t need much! I have super thick hair and usually use up so much product just to cover all my bases. The formula is thick and very concentrated, I was surprised.

The Smell

The smell is lovely. A mix of lavender and tea tree. Not perfumed necessarily but nice if you enjoy oils and natural smells devoid of chemicals.


Last awesome part about Maple Holistics tea tree shampoo is that its cruelty-free, sulfate-free, all natural and made in the USA. Make sure you get you a shampoo that can do both.


Written by Amelian Kashiro Hamilton

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