I had no idea what to write about myself. I was like, ok, I’m pretty straight forward with things… and I can count on 1 hand how many times I’ve been really mad or gone into i fight, even when counting teenage fights with my parents. I try to do what I think is best, but sometimes it doesn’t work out and people get upset – and then I get frustrated. I ended up asking my sister, if she could say something, just some lines. And she said “but Julie, you’re my sister.. I like you, but i also think you’re so annoying!!!! – heres her lines:

“More than often I turn to her for help about my own small projects. Mostly personal goals, like getting ready for my first half or loosing some christmas fat. However, I always regret it. With Julie, unfortunately for me every time, theres no easy way. As she doesn’t do anything half-passionate, she doesn’t allow me to slack at all either. Which means, I dedicate myself to pure hell, where she’s constantly over me and pushing me to be better. She does everything 100% and it’s not easy, i’m learning the hard way. But it works, that’ for sure, and probably why i’ll keep asking her for help.”

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This is gonna sound lame – but since as long as I can remember, teachers have been shouting at me for drawing on the table, looking out the window and not concentrating or drawing on whatever else I could find. Actually, when I went through the applications “tests” to be able to study at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – The School for Design, I didn’t draw once. I only used graphics, because I thought that drawing was only something I should do in my spare time. But luckily I entered a school and a new world that completely got and appreciated drawing. 

Pen or pencil? 

Depends on the style and look – i switch. 

Coffee or tea?


Biggest misperception about you?

People always make two mistakes:

– they ask if I wanna go out and have a smoke. I’ve never smoked. 

– I tend to meet people with a big smile. Also strangers. But as open and forward I might seem, I’m introvert in many ways – and i let a very very selected few people in behind the surface of just smiles. 

Your proudest moment? 

I don’t live in terms like “best moment”, “worst moment”. I have small victories all the time, and failures as well. 

What habit can’t you stand? 

Inactivity. When people complain about too much work, or being tired, or wanting to be able to do something, but then all they do is sit on their ass and complain. I mean, come on, don’t sleep till 9am if you’ve been mad about not having the time to run. 

What makes a good business woman?

Being passionate and fair. 

Do you speak another language? Which?

Native: Danish, fluent English, understand fluently Norwegian and Swedish.. and well, french fries? 

Guilty pleasure?

Candy – you know we have those stores (you prob got them too), where you just mix all kinds of candy and pay by the kilograms. 

Favorite scents? 

Fleur d’Orange

How do you feel when people ask you what you do? 

I feel like they asked me the meaning of life. Unless they mean at that exact moment

Three essentials in life? 

My mom and dad always raised me to be happy. As my main goal in life. If I did something that makes me happy, things would turn out fine. Money doesn’t matter as long as your happy, gender doesn’t matter as long as your happy. Doing things with the intention of always smiling. 

And then of course love. Something we really need in the world right now. More love, more sympathy for those in need, and for those around us.

How often do you work out? 

I have like 1-2 days of hell a week, you know, when I have to rest. 

How old are you? 

24…. turning 25 in 2 months.  

Favorite sense? 


What are you wearing today? 

I am wearing a pastel blue transparent dress from Danish brand Wood Wood, saying “Not To Be Trusted” in white bold letters on front. 

My new pastel pink giant bomber from Acne with a two tone gold zipper. 

and on my feet I’m wearing retro NBA shoes, Air Max Sensation. 

How many countries have you visited this year? 

I lived in Paris and Portland this year. Besides that I only visited New York once. 

What is Volt Women?

Voltwomen is a commitment to push oneself and others to unlock potential in training for runs and life in general

Voltwomen is a platform for sharing and engaging in stories about real women unlocking og growing strength.

Voltwomen It is a global network of amazing women open for anyone to relate and participate

Voltwomen is  a perspective on elevation and empowerment of women with sports as a tool

One and a half years ago we formed Voltwomen out of a desire to support each other in pushing our physical and mental barriers. It started as a conversation between three people experiencing a similar blockage when accessing those last few percent of performance. Looking at our male friends and seeing fewer barriers we wanted to challenge and support each other as women. The conversation grew as we ran harder and shared our perspective —or rather, we found it widely echoed others’ experiences too, like a dormant force ready to be unleashed. In the process we re-connected to the running legends of the past—Switzer, Benoit, Loroupe— and recapped contemporary inspirations and founded a movement of amazing women whose voices have become louder every day. Across ages and experience—gender too—we see inspiration and motivation roam. 

What’s the best thing about being a woman?

The best thing about being a woman, it’s like asking how are we different from men. How we differ. It’s the same as asking a man what the best thing about them is. I don’t know, hopefully we are moving toward a future, where we ask what the best thing about being alive is. I’ve always enjoyed going to races in split-shorts and running faster than the men who send suspicious glances at me. Or be a better snowboarder than the men who thought I was yet another “girl”. But it comes with the premise, that I tend to feel like, men are surprised when women are bad-ass… so you might say I like that surprise element.

What keeps you consistent?

haha, competition is one.

I really love to plan. Early in the week, I try to find out how my days look like. If I have appointments after work, which means I can’t workout etc. And then I make a little schedule in my head like Wednesday and Friday I should workout in the early. If hell breaks out and I cancel because I’m too tired, I get so frustrated and angry that my plan didn’t go as planed … So it rarely happens. 

How pretty are your feet? 

Well they’re a lot better because of the injury. But I can’t wait for them to go ugly again. 

How do you undo ordinary?

I also am a Dane, and things in Denmark are very different than in the United States.

You may know The Law of Jante if you do not know this law – go read it and do everything in order not to live by the law. The law of Jante lives in Denmark as an evil king in all people. It’s based on the premisses that no one is better than anyone else, you are not different and we are all at the same level. If anyone deviates from the norm, it is very strange, cause you’re not suppose to think you’re different (and if you do something different, it must mean, that you think the norm is stupid.. please read my irony). Unfortunately, my head is just not put together like that. I don’t know the norm, so if I want to take time off from school for a year and work, then it’s fine. Or if I want to take my running clothes with me to work or school, then it’s fine too, i didn’t even consider anyone else than myself. Or if I wanna wear transparent pastel colors in December – I didn’t think of anyone else than myself. 

It sounds as if it ought to be normal, but the way I undo ordinary is just trying to be true to who I am and what I want.

What does your diet consist of? 

I don’t have a diet. But i like fresh things where I can taste their real flavor. 

Find out more about Julie on her instagram

Julie Hyld


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