Isabel is an artist specializing in di-cuts. Her tool of choice is an X-Acto knife. She makes beautiful imagery echoing the cityscapes of New York. Her works lives as photographs, collages and delicate cutouts. She has contributed her artwork to the last three issues of UNDO Magazine and elevated our stockist by making sure every issue is fully stocked at Reed Space in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Isabel has got it. She carries that power of community that we live by. She knows that as she grows we grow. Iron sharpen iron.


1. What is your go to Karaoke song? 

You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine – Lou Rawls 

2.What will you be remembered for?

my attention to detail, my loud voice

3. What book would you want to be stuck in for the rest of your life?

Poetry as Insurgent Art – Lawrence Ferlinghetti

4.What does happy mean?


5. Dream destination for a bike ride/cycling trip?

All the bridges in NYC in a day.

6. What habit can’t you stand?

procrastination, unproductiveness 

7. What habit can’t you kick?

my sweet tooth 

8. Biggest misperception about you?

I’m not sure what people perceive of me

9. Your proudest moment?

having a piece in New Museum as a part of a show initiated & attended by Michelle Obama. 

10. Would you ever want to be as famous as Beyonce. Why/why not?

Nah, I just want that money. I’d rather live under the radar & make art than dodge paparazzi. 

11. Favorite recipe for a vegetable.

Bacon wrapped asparagus 

12. When did you last sing to yourself?

At work. My Sweet Lord – George Harrison 


13. What are 3 essentials that you take with you beyond cell, wallet and keys?

an Olympus XA, a digital watch, Kiehl’s lip balm

14. What is your most essential appliance?

my xacto knife & cutting mat 

15. What is your single most important piece of training advice?

Push your boundaries. 

16.What did you learn today?

Don’t run from the police unless you know where you’re going.

17. Where did you grow up?

South Louisiana 

18. Favorite scents?

Pinon incense, saltwater

19. Guilty pleasure?

Little Debbie snacks 

20. What does sacrifice mean?

Sometimes completely surrendering yourself to something or someone without question because you truly love it / them.  

21. Who is your biggest inspiration?

My parents – my dad, a college architecture professor, and my mom, a mixed media artist/photographer & elementary school teacher. 

22. Where do you go to get peace of mind?

Quiet streets at night, Evergreen Cemetery, Highland Park

23. What is the first thing that you do in the morning?

Drink water and check the weather 

24. What was your favorite year of life?

Every year since I moved to NYC in 2010

25. If you were to ever change your name legally, what would it be?

A friend of mine gave me a great pen name once – Salvador Ayres, a combination of my dad’s birthplace, El Salvador, and my mom’s maiden name. 

Find out more about Isabel on her site Photos by Matthew Rosenfield. 


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