UNDO gets a first-take on model Danielle Redman with 25 Questions. We dive into the model’s music choices, life goals, and definition of pain and love.

What’s your one line pitch?

What will people remember you for?
I’m not sure what people will remember me for but I hope they remember me by the way I made them feel. That I’ve helped changed or open the perspective for people.

What is one thing most people don’t know about you?
I love to dance.

What is one thing that you do every day that you want to change?
Spend toooooo much time getting lost on social media.

What is your best physical asset?
My eyes, I have some baby blues that are alert.

What is your best personality trait?
Positivity. Always trying to make someone feel good.

How many hours a week do you make for yourself?
In the past few years, I’ve learned about self-love, self-care, so I spend a couple hours a day.

Have you ever been in a physical fight? If so, when and with who?
No. I’m an open person and also not a fighter like that.

Do you ever threaten to hurt people if you don’t get your way?
Same answer above.

How does boxing help you in your career?
Boxing makes you think and pay attention. See what’s going on and look for the opening. Boxing is meditation for me. It’s one of my happy places.

Who would you punch in the face right now if you could?
Haha, no one.

What unknown brands are you sporting and supporting these days?
Man, I guess with social media, I don’t know many brands that are unknown.

How tall are you and how often do people ask that question?
I’m 5’11” I’ve gotten that question a lot since I was a kid.

Does height give you an advantage in life?
It gives me an advantage when I’m in a big crowd and I’m looking for my friends or my friends looking for me.

When was the last time you screamed at the top of your lungs? Can you describe the feeling?
Oh man. It’s been a minute. I use to drive around in high school with my friend and scream at the top of my lungs. It’s so liberating. I need to go scream.

How do you UNDO – ORDINARY?
I’m always me, unapologetically me. Not trying to be anyone else.

What are the last 3 songs you listened to on Spotify/Apple Music?
Kendrick Lamar, “LOVE”; FKJ, “Vibin Out with (((O)))”; Smino, “Anita”.

How many sports to you play? Name them all.
Basketball, volleyball, kickboxing, boxing, tennis, horseback riding, and softball.

How has this rise of women empowerment affected you?
I’m grateful for the women who put in all the work before me and I’m trying to keep it going.

If you could be in the ultimate pop group, who would be your bandmates?
I’m not so pop but if I could put a group together it would be Rihanna, Shabazz Palaces, Kendrick Lamar and the girl from Little Dragon.

Describe what pain feels like.
The world slows down, your body goes numb except for the pain in your gut. You can’t breathe.

Describe what joy feels like.
Lightness and sparkles all throughout the body.

Where would you be if you could be anywhere in the world right now?
I would be riding my horse anywhere. Going on an adventure with him.

Define free. Define love. Define free love.
Free is the ability to be as you please. Love has many levels and I’m not sure how to describe it in so little words but to me, it’s kindness, thoughtfulness, compassion, and connection. Free love is to love who your soul loves without judgment.

What is your favorite fruit and why?
Watermelon. It’s so juicy, sweet, and refreshing.


Follow Danielle’s digital journey on Instagram @redmansworld.

Photo:Chris Gonzalas

Styling: Natasha Garrett


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