When in hard times, try these 10 methods to clear your mind and grow stronger inside.

Times are hard and we all feel it. Though we have to work through them to move on with our daily lives, it can be draining. It’s damn near impossible yet we keep it up day after day while our insides fume with anger and sadness. This post was originally supposed to go up about Charlottesville but upon typing this, many civilians are being rescued from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Houston, Texas, the fourth largest city in America, is under water. Nature is to blame but it’s apparent that we all have to overcome our differences in times like these.

Just when we thought we were living in the future, Fred Trumpstone shows up to remind us that we are still barbaric cavemen looking to eat flesh and fight one another to get our way. It’s all so disheartening and frustrating because we weren’t focused on ANY of these issues that he has made our problem. And now, on top of adulting in the new millennium, we have to think about how this will affect our daily livelihood.

Some think its for the good and others for the bad but I think that it has allowed us to break through a valve that kept necessary conversation out of our mouths and now we are finally talking. Next is what we decide to talk about.

Come Talk To We

Monthly, we hold a talk series titled Come Talk to We, which is simply a group discussion on several topics. We’re over texting and phone calls, come talk to us in our face and get to know our truth. You can hide behind a phone or you can get in front of each other and have relationship and we choose the latter. This past months talk so happened to fall in line with the events of Charlottesville so we opened the conversation and people let loose. We talked about our frustrations. Not just the black and not just the white but the asian, afro-asian, latino points of view as well. People are tired and want to lay hands on others in both a spiritual and violent way. People are sad and angry and feeling helpless. Our spike in escapism is a direct result of the cultural events that plague us. With all of this taken into account, we got together and worked on a few solutions.

Love one another 

Try to tell one person other than a significant other or relative that you love them everyday. Tell those people too, while you are at it.


Learn to love yourself

Loving others takes loving yourself. You have to put your mask on first before you can help someone else. Sometimes that is a hard pill to swallow but try it. The results are wonderful.


Mentor someone

Be there for someone and go find someone to be there for you. The second one is hard because it requires asking for help and that can be challenging.


Not just every four years but all the time. Anytime you can. Think about this, every time there is a national poll update your vote was never considered. Ever. Go get your opinion considered.


Be selective of where you spend your $$$

Put your money where your mouth is. You don’t like these CEO’s stop giving them your money.

Simple as that.


Do more research

Cause most of the nonsense that you guys post on Facebook is a lie.


Create narratives for more community

Try spending time with people who don’t look like you. Go get yourself involved in something that helps to build instead of destroy. Start there.


Be a voice of change instead of fueling the fire

Again, you only add to the nonsense by sharing things on Facebook, Instagram, etc. Be careful who you give the fire to because they may burn down the (white) house.


Put more women in power

We had a great chat about empathy and the fact that most women are empathetic which could really help our nation in such a broken time. That’s not sexist, it’s just fact.

Eat better

‘Cause the only thing that you have the power over is yourself.

Check out the pics from the latest Come Talk to We, now up on our Facebook.


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