Whether camping or new age “glamping,” there’s a buzz around the energy that lives offline. Enter The Outpost trade show, a clever effort to gather in natures beauty to build better. It serves as a premier outdoor lifestyle event for adventurous, creative, and forward-thinking professionals. This weekend getaway is a mixture of music, networking, product demos, food, and adventure.

A month ago I took the challenge for another notch on the time-of-my-life belt. The trip started off like almost anything in my life, chaotic. We rented a car from Advantage, which btw, will not rent to locals in NY without insurance. They will, however, rent to travelers WITH returning flights and must see your itinerary for confirmation. If you are fortunate enough to attend the one near LaGuardia, be sure to bring some chips because the employees like to eat them while they effortlessly assist you. I mean the name is Advantage, that’s exactly what I deserved for being cheap.

Fortunately, we made it out of there with our temper in tact. We picked up Angela, a content contributor for Teva and Angelo, a writer for Buzzfeed and headed out to the Catskills. I’m really big on making playlists for any moment and queued up the road trip mix as we went 8mph up the FDR. Somewhere after *Nsync’s greatest hits and thoughts of Nicole Kidman in the woods, we ended up at our destination, a small town in the Adirondacks of New York called Woodridge.

Things got wild after that and much beyond my expectations. I don’t want to give away too many details but do want to leave you with a few necessary rules for glamping. You know, things you don’t consider but have to in moments like these.

#1 You can’t weatherproof Mother Nature

We received a flash flood warning the day before and expected things to be a little muddy on site. The always inaccurate meteorologist predicted day showers and clear skies during the evening. The sun set on camp and Bulliet was flowing. Animal Feelings was performing and all of a sudden the sky broke and mother cried hard into the night. We woke up to a very messy scene with tents flooding and collapsing. So much for glamping.

#2 Know that the food may not meet all of your needs

With so many rules and sensitive stomachs out there, it’s smarter to just carry your own than to expect people to accommodate your restrictions. I surely let go of ALL of my eating laws when presented with meatballs and dinner rolls for a meal. Let’s just say that was not my plan but I adhered to my environment.

#3 You may be the only brown person. Own it.

I’m not going to NOT bring it up. My melanin peeps were slim in attendance, and that doesn’t include the help. It’s something I noticed but breezed past it in order to take on the experience. At this stage in endurance adventures, that is usually that case for me. The feeling when I’m there, pushing me to share more of these things with my community. I just want to remind them that this exists.

#4 Familiarize yourself with poison ivy

#5 Bring you bff

I’m not talkative in situations like these. I often sit in silence and take in what nature whispers. Signing up for this trade show immediately gave me anxiety because of the pressure to talk. Thankfully I was able to bring along my biff, Justin Wootton, who so happened to know EVERYONE there. I was freely able to be a total recluse without feeling awkward.

#6 Create lasting moments

Don’t take someone who does not like to try new things, into nature. Make them do it on their own a few times before you succumb to such a heavy burden. These moments are rich and fruitful if you are open to taking in the surrounding. I danced so hard in the rain that I was sore the next morning. Moments like that become addictive because they’re special and powerful as hell.

#7 Drink water

Cause sometimes you forget. Thankfully the bar didn’t open up until the afternoon so we weren’t day drunk and falling in the mud.

#8 Take time to enjoy the stars

On the last night, after hours of dancing in the dome, I walked out to the middle of the campground and looked up at the sky. The stars were so bright. I stood there for 45 mins with my head tilted back and my heart open. It was magical af.

#9 Be the dance party

I know my role in most functions, especially if I plan to stay and enjoy myself. Show up and show out. Justin and I love to dance so it was easy to get things rolling on our own. Free expressionism at its finest.

#10 Make a road trip mix

Or just listen to mine.


Join Outpost on September 8-10 at Camp Navarro, Mendocino County, California, only a short drive away from San Francisco. The Outpost in Northern California will host over 500 attendees who will enjoy a range of activities all designed to reflect the best aspects of the Mendocino coastal redwood forests. All you need to do is arrive at the venue with the basics for a perfect weekend and they’ll provide the rest!

Brands exhibiting:

Teva, Bulleit Bourbon, Smith Optics, Hydro Flask, Barebones Living, B+O Play, Tentsile, Eagle Creek, Sunski, Oru Kayak, Anchor Steam, Airstream, and many, many more…

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“The Outpost was more than just a gathering. It was an experience much needed in our digital day to day. It was face to face time without the Facetime. Nobody was glued to their phone as our attention was held by the nature that surrounded us. Old school storytelling and thought-sharing with honest people that have a passion for the outdoors and figuring out how to best keep it protected.”

Chris Burkard – Adventure Photographer and Filmmaker

The Outpost


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