Budget Hungry

  The goal is to keep it under $100. That amount fluctuates. Depends on how active and hungry I am. I surely eat more when I am t... Read More.

Budget Hungry

Breakfast. This alone is enough. Yes, Banana has natural sugar that is low on the GI value.  It is also full of fiber and nutrient... Read More.

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Either the world is getting smaller, or we are getting bigger, or both. Things are feeling a lot more synchronistic these days, how many "new" ppl have you ... Read More.


For UNDO IV, we looked to nature for the answers; nature accordingly responded with subtlety and honey. Our co-founder Nai Vasha waxes poetic about the beauty i... Read More.

Just Keep Swimming

Getting injured can give an easy out to skip the gym (or to go running, or hiking, or whatever form of exercise one chooses to do). Recently I fractured my radi... Read More.

Why Fruits?

Written and interviewed by Kristy Gomez Atlanta’s Old 4th Ward wakes up slowly, like most Southern neighborhoods. Dawn breaks, the crickets sto... Read More.

100: Victoria Sou

KEEPIN IT A HUNDRED Victoria Sou has always been on the right side of the fence of creatives and young professionals. Having styled for Jay Z,Selena Gomez... Read More.

How the U.S. Open Got Me Open

Looking through my family photos from when I was a baby, up until now, and there’s one constant you’ll always see: my dad in a U.S. Open tee. I didn’t reall... Read More.
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Trill Talk

UNDO //  Background //  It’s yoga, but it’s not. Maybe people are intrigued by my story, or by the fact that I don’t fit in the boxes we create to make sense ... Read More.


Rebels without a pause, we proceed into another week full of narcoleptic dogs and dazzling dances from foreign lands that you can't look away from. Do yours... Read More.

Climatize To The Elevation

  The US Men's National Team has an incredible home field advantage over visiting teams, and going into the remainder of World Cup 2018 qualifying c... Read More.
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For a little while longer our Sundays will remain as a day of praise, recuperation, and relaxation. Football closer to its return still remains a faint and ... Read More.
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Well Well

WellWell is a functional, organic beverage created by a dream team of busy New Yorkers. MD/MBA-in-training and sommelier Sagan Schultz, celebrated restaurateur ... Read More.


It was my dad's Chevy Camaro that pulled me in. We would work on toy models and I would casually peak my head in the garage when "Old Red" was acting up. I love... Read More.
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  This week we hit a hard reset and reconnect to our inner-net because being out here trying to find signal on the outter-net can be a strug. No mor... Read More.

Travel Hungry.

  It was too hot for ramen. My appetite is sensitive to the weather. I eat fruit and fresh produce all summer. No soup. Not when it's humid. Food... Read More.

Honoring the Process

For Undo-Ordinary's fifth issue, UNDO V, we focused on how we interpret our senses and physicality. The following is an excerpt from writer JckDvy's piece on th... Read More.


Still catching my breath from a weekend full of feelings and Beyonce's VMA performance. I mean there's not we can say about Beyonce I mean I walked out the room... Read More.


  I couldn't post thee new playlist till I brushed my teeth this morning, I really had to come through all thee way on thee correct vibration. Apple mus... Read More.

UNDO MAG: Issue 5 Launch

Keep running weird. Keep social experiences weirder. I remember one night when Sophia, Ja (Tecson) and I went to this Complex event in Meatpacking for a total o... Read More.

A Guide To Loving Yourself

Love is such a dangerous drug. We love foolishly, passionately and vigorously. At times we bottle our feelings in. We are so afraid to express our entire devoti... Read More.
80's Japan Sport

Megumi’s Glitch

80's. Captured on 35 MM & Polaroid film. Model - Karen Veliz Photography, styling, makeup and art direction by Amelian Kashiro Hamilton... Read More.