Budget Hungry

Los Angeles was not on my list of places to live this year. There was a time when I despised this place and stopped visiting all together. I... Read More.

Stuff I Eat

65. This woman is 65 years old. She credits it to her diet and fitness routine. This placed changed my life and serves as a major influence... Read More.

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  I couldn't post thee new playlist till I brushed my teeth this morning, I really had to come through all thee way on thee correct vibration. Apple mus... Read More.

UNDO MAG: Issue 5 Launch

Keep running weird. Keep social experiences weirder. I remember one night when Sophia, Ja (Tecson) and I went to this Complex event in Meatpacking for a total o... Read More.

A Guide To Loving Yourself

Love is such a dangerous drug. We love foolishly, passionately and vigorously. At times we bottle our feelings in. We are so afraid to express our entire devoti... Read More.
80's Japan Sport

Megumi’s Glitch

80's. Captured on 35 MM & Polaroid film. Model - Karen Veliz Photography, styling, makeup and art direction by Amelian Kashiro Hamilton... Read More.

The Sweat Life

Illustration by Julia Hyld Like most people, my days can have a sort of monotony to them that just never seems to waver. I wake up, eat... Read More.


    As you shift through thee static just know that your signal has landed on #MOVDAY for a reason. This weekly playlist is brought to you b... Read More.

David Brown is ready to win gold

“I wanna be the fastest athlete, totally blind, of all time. Not just the fastest totally blind athlete, I’m striving to be the fastest athlete of all time … I’... Read More.

Metaphysical Nature

Let’s be real: there is more to life than what we see on the physical plane. Everything vibrates and has energy, its own buzz, most of which canno... Read More.


  If this week was a playlist it would be the kind of playlist that sits by itself watching the live feed of Frank Ocean garage full of imaginary mu... Read More.

The Road To Recovery

Illustrations by Louie Chin Jason Papalio has practiced and studied yoga for over ten years. His mission is to help athletes understand the demands o... Read More.


The art of making people wait.......................................... Only works if you are Frank Ocean (I think his album is out, I'm not sure the page i... Read More.


Movday 10 just got here and is already on 10. The frequency was lifted and the paradigm was shifted. Saturday started with amazing levels on the rooftop of ... Read More.


  We flourish into this week's edition of #MOVDAY moving like water as formlessly and fluidly as possible. Currently going against the current strea... Read More.
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What does rest really mean to you? Getting to bed at a reasonable time from being out with friends and waking up to an alarm clock and a throbbing hangover?... Read More.


Today we shine brighter than ever. The past week has been one of the heaviest and I can say I have ever had to push through emotionally and spiritually. Alt... Read More.


Roots. The word itself just evokes a very raw, earthy, unrefined essence of life. Roots; a dope band, the base of a tree, and anchor in history of our family or... Read More.

/// Ultra Boost UNcaged

Every since the Adidas Pure Boosts first dropped in 2015, they have commanded the world's attention with a mix of game-changing functionality and aesthetics. T... Read More.