Budget Hungry

  The goal is to keep it under $100. That amount fluctuates. Depends on how active and hungry I am. I surely eat more when I am t... Read More.

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  What allows us to be more of service I'm interested in that... Whatever that is let's fill that void. Let's be what we've been waiting for right? ... Read More.

Lost and Found

In high school, my favorite English teacher gave me a copy of Khalil Gibran's "The Prophet".  It sat on my night table for many years. I would pick it up from t... Read More.

The new Xena

Kristen “Xena” Andali first discovered CrossFit 9 years ago while she was still living in her hometown of Ontario, Canada. Already a seasoned athlete, Kristen i... Read More.

Bon Appetit

  bon ap·pé·tit bōn apəˈtē/   exclamation: bon appétit used as a salutation to a person about to eat.   Search the French phr... Read More.


  Now that all your leftovers are finally done, we can be refilled with a brand new hunger. A hunger that drives us to alter the norms, to add more ... Read More.


I just want to start off this week by thanking you for rocking with us for 26 STRAIGHT weeks! In 26 weeks we haven't repeated a song, or repeated a theme. W... Read More.


  This past week we hit thee hard reset button as an entire country. Nobody saw it coming but it happened, we all knew it was possible, some of us a... Read More.


    Movday has moved all thee way into a new level . We want you to dance as much as you think, think as much as you do, do as much as you b... Read More.

Yoga in a Full-body Cast

There are certain sensations that lead to temporary amnesia of mundane life: sex, drugs, Rock ’n’ Roll, running a marathon at 10,000 feet of elevation. The latt... Read More.


Vivian Shih is a Los Angeles based artist, illustrator, and sometimes writer. A regular contributor and avid support of UNDO. North Hollywood Arts District's ge... Read More.


#MOVDAY is back in motion with it's 23rd installment, it's amazing I haven't ran out of songs you should hear yet right? You'll never actually have to worry... Read More.


    I have 9 minutes to tell you everything I know, okay first when I grow up I want to be a horn section, 2nd it takes a background to have... Read More.


    I might call my next album " What's thee wifi here ? ", feel free to steal that. Okay so the debate happened last night and my stress le... Read More.

The New Elite : Jerry Faulkner

Jerry Faulkner is one of the coolest and fastest guys in New York. Humble to say the least. He accelerates while not making you feel slow. That level of tact co... Read More.


I love work that plays. I love work that looks like work that feels like the artist are at play, are at home, are unaware of the moment but answered the cal... Read More.

Beauty vs. strengh

“It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.” Maya Angelou   There are moments i... Read More.

#MOVDAY . 19 +

    This week's #MOVDAY playlist is brought you your ears by affordable Air Bnb's, Portland's air quality, and vegan options. I reconnected with... Read More.


Either the world is getting smaller, or we are getting bigger, or both. Things are feeling a lot more synchronistic these days, how many "new" ppl have you ... Read More.


For UNDO IV, we looked to nature for the answers; nature accordingly responded with subtlety and honey. Our co-founder Nai Vasha waxes poetic about the beauty i... Read More.

Just Keep Swimming

Getting injured can give an easy out to skip the gym (or to go running, or hiking, or whatever form of exercise one chooses to do). Recently I fractured my radi... Read More.

Why Fruits?

Written and interviewed by Kristy Gomez Atlanta’s Old 4th Ward wakes up slowly, like most Southern neighborhoods. Dawn breaks, the crickets sto... Read More.

100: Victoria Sou

KEEPIN IT A HUNDRED Victoria Sou has always been on the right side of the fence of creatives and young professionals. Having styled for Jay Z,Selena Gomez... Read More.

How the U.S. Open Got Me Open

Looking through my family photos from when I was a baby, up until now, and there’s one constant you’ll always see: my dad in a U.S. Open tee. I didn’t reall... Read More.
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Trill Talk

UNDO //  Background //  It’s yoga, but it’s not. Maybe people are intrigued by my story, or by the fact that I don’t fit in the boxes we create to make sense ... Read More.


Rebels without a pause, we proceed into another week full of narcoleptic dogs and dazzling dances from foreign lands that you can't look away from. Do yours... Read More.